February Meetups: GenStage (SF), Monitoring & Support (Santa Clara)

It’s an exciting month for Erlang & Elixir SF. We’ve got two separate events happening up and down the Peninsula:

GenStage and other developments (SF)

Wednesday, February 22 @ Pinterest HQ



Pete Hastie, a backend developer at Bleacher Report, will talk about GenStage and how it’s revolutionized the way we consume analytics data at b/r. He’ll also be speaking next month at the Erlang & Elixir Factory SF. Slides Code

Jason Chen, founder of slab.com, a new platform for team knowledge, will share how they built and scaled their realtime collaboration feature using Agents and GenServer. Slides

Control flow in Elixir - Going back to basics, Anna Neyzberg will cover how control flow in Elixir differs from most modern imperative languages. We will dicuss how/when to use pattern matching, multiclause functions, conditional expressions and loops. This talk is great for people who are just starting to learn Elixir.

Monitoring & Pre-emptive support: The road to 5-9s on the Beam (Santa Clara)

Tuesday, February 28 @ Ericsson, Inc